Molds and pattern plates

Moreover, Urbani produces molds for the hot forging of brass and pattern plates for sand casting.

Clamping devices

We produce jaws, chuck jaws for transfer machines, robot grippers and fixtures for assembly machines

Transfer machine tooling

Urbani srl produces transfer machinery tooling including clamps, fixtures, spindles and tools

Robot loading and unloading grippers

Our robot loading and unloading grippers guarantee excellent piece gripping to maintain a high travel speed and thus reduce mounting times.

Custom designs

Our design department is equipped with state-of-the-art CAD software and hardware and has skilled staff who select the ideal technical solutions and production technologies to obtain the best product with a stable, reliable process.


Urbani srl is able to produce prototypes machined from solid blocks in brass, aluminium, resin, etc., to allow the product to be tested and to identify its criticalities.



Once produced the mold, we are able to supply samples and, if necessary, process data (casting curves, metal temperature and die temperature)

OEM products
We produce products according to customer specifications. We take care of the entire production cycle, from the idea of the particular, to the mold to its realization.
We collaborate with  foundries in our district, thanks to whom we offer a tailor-made service to our customers.